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NUTS 1 regions of the United Kingdom

Recently Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom, but they still want change.  This has prompted others to talk about change for England, Wales and Northern Island.  But I think change should go one step further and have created this site to discuss it. The basic principle I am recommending is that rather than devolving powers to the 4 constituent nations (which leaves England remaining significantly larger than the other 3), we create additional separate Regional Assemblies / Parliaments for the 9 English Regions. In total therefore the UK would have 12 devolved ‘State’ or Regional Authorities.  These should have wide ranging powers.  Indeed rather than devolving powers, these Regional Authorities would have full legal authority expect for matters explicitly reserved to Westminster or if they would breach any laws passed at a UK level. Future posts will look at this principle in more detail and examine potential options for taxation, education, defence and more.  I also hope to encourage discussion and debate, and maybe (just maybe) if it turns out to be a good idea we might see some meaningful politic changes that not only might make things better in Scotland, but the whole of the UK.