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The Talk Politics Blog is a place where I will share my thoughts on some of the topical issues of the day, and where other can share their opinions or provide more information to debate these topics.

For clarity I should state that I am not a journalist, but often find I have a view on many of the news items I hear and therefore decided to start this blog to share them with anyone who is interested in reading them.  I also enjoy a friendly debate, and encourage other to share their thoughts and views too.

While I am not part of the media establishment I will try to get my facts right. However most of my data will come from public sites and therefore may contain errors.  If you spot any mistakes please get in touch and let me know.

Blog Rules

Whether you agree or disagree with my views we do have a few house rules to try and keep the blog a friendly place for everyone.  These are:

  • We will not allow illegal contents or links to such content.
  • We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of members (or the site staff).  You are free to disagree with others, but personal attacks are a no-go.
  • We will also not tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination.  We understand that when talking about issues like (for example) immigration that race may legitimately be discussed, but please do so with care.  Like above, attacks on a race or use of racial slurs will likely get a comment deleted or a user banned.
  • No spam or advertising.  The only adverts that can be hosted on this blog are those placed by site admins to help pay for the running of the blog.

We hope that we don’t need to censor comments, but will do if it becomes necessary.

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