Normally a party with momentum going into a general election would stand a good chance of winning it.  Of course labour don’t currently have a great deal of popular support if the polls are to be believed and the only momentum they seem to have is coming from the grassroots Momentum organisation.

In many respects the government is in chaos.  Theresa May has inherited the huge political headache of taking the UK out of the European Union which is likely to leave nobody completely happy, the NHS is grabbing headlines with it latest ‘crisis’ stories and of course the Government still have to deal with the budget deficit which inevitably means more cuts or higher taxes.

Most governments facing this much negative press would be watching their polling numbers heading south, but not so for the Conservatives.  Despite all the headwinds they are facing the remain firmly ahead in the polls.

Is this a sign that we Brits overwhelmingly like the current government?

I suspect not.  I suspect the reality is really that many of us believe that the Labour opposition could not do a better job and in particular a significant number of people who do not consider Jeremy Corbyn as a serious candidate for Prime Minister.  Indeed Jeremy Corbyn is somewhat like Marmite – he is either loved or hated.  This appears to be as true within Labour itself as for those outside it.

Ultimately, if a party is not united behind a message that resonates with large groups of voters it is likely that no amount of Momentum will see labour forming a government any time soon.

What do you think?  Has Jeremy Corbyn got what it takes to be the next Prime Minster or does Theresa May have all the right answers?